Mayco Jungle Gems Glaze

Mayco's Jungle Gems

"Art in a Jar!"


Mayco's Jungle Gems™ are non-toxic gloss glazes that contain glass frit crystals and specks that melt during the firing process.  These crystal glazes "bloom" and spread to produce dramatic, colorful effects. Jungle Gems glazes feature a fluid base glaze which allows for greater crystal flow and movement.


Mayco's Jungle Gems™ can be fired to cone 06; cone 6 and cone 10 firings can yield interesting results. They can be applied to different clay bodies, including earthenware, stoneware and porcelain.


Mayco’s Jungle Gems flow easily and therefore may run. Tapering off the number of crystals applied to the bottom third of a vertical pot is recommended. Glaze and crystals could run off the piece or gather at the base and form unsightly lumps. Similarly horizontal pieces, such as a plate, could cause the glaze to pool excessively if crystals are too heavily gathered on sloped section of the piece.We recommend applying the crystals with a fan brush, which will allow the crystals to be more evenly distributed. Also, you should make sure the glaze has dried thoroughly prior to firing. A medium ramp/firing rate is recommended (250°F per hour).


These glazes are quite unique - if you are new to crystal glazes and would just like to test them out - they are available in small, 4 oz. jars.


NOTE: While many Mayco glazes can be fired to cone 6 or 10, highter temperatures may change the color or have other effects.

Click here for Mayco's Mid-Range Firing Guide!




Mayco CG-997 Seafoam 16 oz.
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Mayco CG-997 Seafoam

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