Dark Teal 6254 1 lb
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Mason Stain

Dark Teal 6254 1 lb

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Mason Stain 6254 Dark Teal Green
This Mason Stain should be applied using the following guidelines from Mason Color:

This stain can be used as a 'body stain' in porcelain at high temperatures. All of the brown colors can be used as 'body stains' but will vary in shade considerable depending on the composition of the body and temperature at which it is fired.

Maximum firing limit is 2300 degrees F (1260 degrees C)

May be used with glazes either with or without zinc, but the best results will be with glazes that contain no zinc.

Contains Al, Co, Cr, Si, Zr.

Please note that quantities in excess of one pound may require a special order and therefore may take extra time to process and ship.