1100 Transparent Pint
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1100 Transparent Pint

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1 pint

Spectrum’s S1100 Transparent Gloss Glaze (cone 4/6) is an excellent lead free, A/P non-toxic, dinnerware safe stoneware glaze. This glossy, transparent glaze is compatible with most commercially available underglazes. It can therefore be used on top of an underglazed bisqued pot or tile - and is ideal for projects with school-age children. Like most transparent glazes, S1100 works best when applied thinly. All of Spectrum’s 1100 Stoneware Glazes are available in wet formats and are suitable for brush application.

Spectrum’s 1100 glazes comprise a series of cone 4/6 stoneware glazes that are both lead-free and dinnerware safe. Most of them also come with the A/P non-toxic rating from the Art & Creative Materials Institute (ACMI) marked on the product label. Some of the reactive type glazes are rated C/L by the ACMI which means that they are toxic in the liquid (unfired) state due to the presence of heavy metals, such as copper or vanadium, beyond the non-toxic legal limit. C/L rated glazes should not be handled by young children or pregnant women.