How to use Duncan® Concepts® Underglazes for Bisque and Majolica

1. Apply to bisqueware. 
2. Fire to cone 06. 
3. Clean up with water. 
4. For clear glaze application, brush-on or dip clear glaze over Concepts. 
5. Stilt (if needed) and fire to shelf cone 06. 
6. Water clean up.

Tips & Techniques

1. For Majolica, apply Concepts designs over 3 coats of SN 352 White Satin. 
2. For quick and easy solid coverage, try the drop 'n fill technique. Generously load a #6 or #8 round brush with Concepts and drop color onto desired area. Let dry. 
3. Concepts colors mix and blend easily. Be creative and mix your own blend using two or more Concept colors. 
4. Concepts works well up to cone 5-6. For high fire applications, we recommend firing a test piece because high fire clays vary.