Free Amaco Glaze Offer!

As if the reliability and quality of Amaco equipment wasn't enough, you will receive a rebate for your choice of FREE Amaco glazes with the purchase of the equipment listed below. Simply fill out the warranty form that arrives with your purchase, pick out your glazes, and send the form with your sales receipt/invoice to Amaco. Please note this offer is only applicable to the products listed below.

Rebate Value
Eligible Items (Click to view)
$140   EX-1850SF Kiln
$100   Excel Kilns: GSF-670, EX-257SFEX-353SFEX-381SFEX-399SF,
  Excel Kilns:   EX-365SFEX-270SFEX-1099SF
    Wheels: EX, CXC, C, B, No. 16
    Slab Roller: SR-36
$70   Excel KilnsEX-232SFEX-329SFEX-1266SF, GSF-045
    Slab Rollers: SRC, SR-14, SR-20