L&L Elements for pottery kilns

L&L Kiln Elements are designed for each individual kiln model - for long life and strong performance. Good element design is a complex balance of watt density, design voltage, stretch ratio, wire gauge, element length, material and fabrication technique. When looking to replace the elements in your kiln, it is important to order elements of the correct voltage and phase. Not sure what any of that means? That’s OK - we can help you!



You must enter your kiln's serial number in the "Comments" section during checkout for L&L Elements

First, locate the nameplate on your kiln. This will have all of the information you need, including the kiln model and serial numbers, voltage and phase and the year the kiln was manufactured. Usually the last 2 digits of the serial number indicate the year in which the kiln was made. If your kiln was manufactured prior to June of 2004 you will need to purchase elements that fit the original small holders. All of this information is outlined in the description of the elements for each kiln. Next, locate your kiln’s model in the elements section of our site. Select the size of the element you need - based on when it was produced - and then the phase and voltage. This section will also tell you how many elements are in the kiln you have. Still unsure? Give us a call!

Read more here about how to select the correct elements and element holders for your L&L kiln.

We have also developed a Kiln Inspection 101 Manual to walk you through the steps of determining whether or not your elements need to be replaced. Kiln Care 101
 L&L Element Holder  L&L E28S Element
 L&L Davinci X2827D Element  L&L E28T Element
 L&L Doll Element  L&L J1800 Element
 L&L E18S Element  L&L J2300 Element
 L&L E18T Element  L&L J2900 Element
 L&L E23S Element  L&L SM23 Element
 L&L E23T Element