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l&l jupiter kiln discounted sale custom

L&L's Jupiter Series consists of manual (J) and automatic (JD) kilns. The manual kilns come with an Orton Cone Sitter/Timer, “Easy-Lift, Easy-Load” spring hinges on sizes 23-3/8” diameter and above. The automatic kilns are standard equipped with DynaTrol programing with zone control. They also come with “Easy-Life, Easy-Load” spring hinges. The Jupiter Series is designed to pull apart for loading sculpture or large objects that need to be fired.


J2927 240V 1P
Item #: LJ2927M2401N0
J2927-3 L&L Kiln

You Save: 25%

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J2936-3 240V 1P
Item #: LJ29363240100
J2936-3 L&L Kiln

You Save: 27%

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J2945-3 240V 1P N 0
Item #: LJ294532401N0
J2945-3 L&L Kiln

You Save: 24%

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JD18 L&L Kiln 2.5" 240V 1P
Item #: LJD18241
JD18 L&L Kiln

You Save: 25%

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JD18X L&L Kiln Automatic
Item #: LJC18XAS
JD18X L&L Kiln

You Save: 29%

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JD18X-3 L&L Kiln Automatic
Item #: LJC18X3AS
J18X-3 L&L Kiln

You Save: 28%

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JD230V L&L Kiln 2.5" Automatic
Item #: LJ230V.2SA
J230V L&L Kiln

You Save: 30%

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JD236 L&L Kiln PB
Item #: LJD236VPB
J236 L&L Kiln

You Save: 25%

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JD23V L&L Kiln PB
Item #: LJD23VPB
J23V L&L Kiln

You Save: 25%

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JD245V L&L Kiln PB
Item #: LJD245VPB
J245V L&L Kiln

You Save: 25%

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