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Here at The Ceramic Shop, we know that a customer's needs can really vary. Maybe you have plenty of clay or glaze, but nowhere to fire your work.  Perhaps you have a kiln that's in need of a repair -- but you don't know what to do yourself. Let us help you with our extensive knowledge of all things ceramic! Some of our services are listed below. 


CONSULTING - If you need professional support for any number of ceramics-based projects (from setting up a new studio, to having our lab test a run of glazes for you), we can help to get you on the right track with our expertise.


CUSTOM PROJECT - If you are ordering custom decals, yet you don't have a background in layout or design, our design staff can help you. For an hourly fee, we can make sure that your custom project will look good and meet the file requirements for printing. We have also worked with the area art organizations, such as the ICA, The Fabric Workshop, The University of the Arts, The Clay Studio and many individual artists and businesses to help them complete special projects. Maybe you need a thousand skull mugs glazed for your catalog. Maybe your Etsy site is exploding and you can't keep up, or maybe you won a public art contest and now you have to actually make the project a reality. Call today to speak to someone to help.


FIRING RETAIL - This is a very popular service that we feature.  If you are in need of a kiln to bisqued-fire or glaze-fire your ceramic work, we offer several different sizes for a range of prices, starting under $20. We are also happy to take on long-term projects requiring kiln firing services -- over the years, we have worked with artists, museums, galleries, and production outfits to fire large volumes of work for specific projects. Contact us for a pricing quote for your unique project.


INSTALL LABOR - The installation of a new kiln, or the replacement installation of new elements in your kiln is a task that we can do easily. Because our business is all things ceramic, we know our kilns and are happy to come out to your studio, school, or home within a 2-hour drive of Philadelphia and get your kiln in working order. Do you have a different repair need, or would like to purchase specialized kiln parts along with your install? Call us for a quote!


GLAZE MIXING - This is one of our most popular services. Allow us to dry and/or wet mix your own glaze recipe. Simply email your formula to and we will work up a quote. We can even store your glaze in our system so it will be easier the next time you order. We are currently providing this service to universities, art centers and many private businesses and individuals in the Greater Philadelphia area and beyond. If you don't feel like stocking all that cobalt carbonate or your program is not so keen on ordering and storing glaze chemicals in the shared studio space, then give us a call and let us be your own glaze tech.


SHIPPING - If you order a new kiln for your studio or home, and your building does NOT have a loading dock, this is the section where you can purchase access to a lift gate, which will move your brand-new kiln from the delivery truck's bed  down to the ground. If you have any questions about our services, we’re glad to answer them! Give us a call at 215-427-9665.


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