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Mason Color Works is one of the oldest manufacturers of ceramic stains. Mason Stains are powdered pigments made of a combination of oxides and frits that create beautiful uniform rich colors. You can add mason stains to dry glaze recipes to produce color in an opaque or transparent base glaze. They can also be added to decorating slips, engobes, washes, and even clay to make uniquely colored clay bodies. Mason stains can be mixed with water to create washes that add a splash of color. We recommend adding a small amount of dry ball clay to help the stain adhere better, or a frit (such as frit 3124) to help the stain melt and give a polished look.


Mason stains are blendable and can be used alone or mixed with other Mason stains to create custom colors. Mason stains can appear lighter or darker than the image depending on the percentage of stain added. As a general guide, use 10% stain for the Crimson Series, 8% for the Encapsulated Series, 5% for the Brown Series, 10% for the Green Series, 2-5% (for dark colors) and 10% (for light blue) in the Blue Series, 10% for the Violet Series, 10% for the Yellow Series, 6% for the Black Series, and 10% for the Grey Series (except Sage, use 2%). Most stains are stable up to 2300 degrees F in both oxidation and reduction and are lead free. It is always recommended to test your mason stains to ensure the stain works well with your base recipe. The Ceramic Shop offers mason stains in 1/4 lb, 1 lb. 5lb and 10lb quantities. Click on a color series to view the available stains.


For a helpful list of tips, directions on how to use Mason stains, and frequently asked questions click here.

If you have used Mason Color stains that you cannot locate on our website, that may mean that they have been discontinued. However, Mason Color has created a guide for re-creating discontinued stains through the mixing of currently-available colors.  View their handy Mason Stain blending reference guide - click here.


Mason Color makes a reference chart that includes colored images, suggested percentages, and chemical composition information. To purchase this useful guide click here.


Please note that quantities in excess of one pound may require a special order and may take extra time to process and ship.




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