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 Paragon Kilns


Kilns and furnaces for ceramics, pottery, heat treating, enameling, dentistry, laboratory testing and glass fusing. Better-designed kilns!

What Makes A Paragon Product Better

With over 4,000 kiln products to choose from, Paragon has the largest kiln selection in the industry. Paragon manufactures everything from small table top kilns such as the popular SC2, to large production kilns like the Dragon series, designed for commercial users. Paragon is the leading manufacturer of small kilns designed for a variety of firing styles, making them the ideal choice for artists dabbling in ceramics, glass, PMC, enameling and more. Many of these kilns come with a 120-volt option, meaning that many of Paragon's smaller kilns can be set up in your home studio with no need to re-wire an outlet for a larger 240-volt receptacle. Paragon's stakes in the commercial ceramic world are equally accommodating. With hearty, large-scaled kilns that can handle anything your studio produces, Paragon is a great choice for businesses focusing on intense production. Whatever your needs are, Paragon has the kiln that is perfectly suited for you.

Paragon uses high quality parts, such as Orton Ceramics-produced digital controllers and uses an ergonomical design that keeps you, the customer, in mind for every step of the firing process. Paragon understands that your time and materials are valuable, so they are dedicated to continually improving their kilns to give you consistent and repeatable firings.

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93 products in this category, displaying products 1 to 50.

PCB1 Controller
You Save: 19%
Paragon BlueBird
You Save: 20%
Paragon BlueBird Jr.
You Save: 20%
Paragon BlueBird XL Standard
You Save: 20%
Caldera Kiln 120-volt standard
You Save: 23%
Caldera-S, 120V standard model
You Save: 23%
Firefly with Safety Switch
You Save: 17%
Paragon Caldera XL
You Save: 23%
E-10A kiln 120-volt
You Save: 20%
E-9AX standard
You Save: 20%
E14A Kiln 240V
You Save: 20%
Paragon Xpress-E-12A
You Save: 20%
Paragon Xpress-E-12T
You Save: 20%
Q-11-A 120V
You Save: 20%
X-E-10A Standard w Switch
You Save: 20%
Xpress-E-14A 240V 3-key
You Save: 20%
Xpress-E-9A kiln standard
You Save: 20%
Xpress-Q-11A 3-key
You Save: 20%
CS-14S Glass Kiln 120V
You Save: 16%
CS-16D Glass Kiln 120V
You Save: 20%
CS-16S Glass Kiln
You Save: 20%
CS19-D Glass Kiln 240V 1P
You Save: 20%
You Save: 20%
Fusion-10 240V 3-key
You Save: 20%
Fusion-14 Glass Kiln
You Save: 15%
Fusion-16 Kiln, standard model
You Save: 15%
Fusion-19 240V 1P glass kiln
You Save: 15%
You Save: 20%
Fusion-8 240-volt, 3-key
You Save: 20%
GL-18AD Glass Kiln 240V 1P
You Save: 20%
Ovation-10 Glass Kiln 240V 1P
You Save: 15%
Ovation-1013 Kiln 240V 1P
You Save: 15%
Paragon CS-14D Glass Kiln
You Save: 15%
Paragon CS19-S Kiln, Dbl. Bead
You Save: 15%
Paragon Darby Dipper Crucible
You Save: 22%
Paragon GL-18ADTSD Kiln240v1
You Save: 22%
Paragon GL-24AD Kiln
You Save: 23%
Paragon GL-24ADTSD 240v1
You Save: 23%
Paragon Magic Fuse Kiln
You Save: 17%
Paragon Pearl 56 Kiln
You Save: 17%
Pearl-18 Kiln 240V 1P
You Save: 20%
Pearl-22 Glass Kiln 240V 1P
You Save: 20%
Pearl-44 240V 1P
You Save: 20%
Paragon HT10D Furnace 120V
You Save: 15%
PMT-10 Furnace 120V 1P
You Save: 15%
PMT-21 Furnace 240V 1P
You Save: 15%
J-14-1 120-Volt Manual Kiln
You Save: 10%
J-14-2 240V 1P
You Save: 10%
Xpress-J-14-1 120V 3K
You Save: 10%
Xpress-J-14-2 240V
You Save: 10%


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