Olympic Torchbearer 23" 27"
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Olympic Torchbearer 23" 27"

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Olympic 23" Torchbearer Raku kiln; 27" tall; without ignition ring; for use with propane gas.

About this kiln:
The Olympic Torchbearer kilns combine the portability of stacking electric kilns with the versatility and speed of gas kilns. It is easy to adjust the kiln for oxidation, reduction, or raku firing. The Olympic Torchbearer kilns are top loading, stackable gas kilns. These kilns are portable and rings can be added for additional depth without decreasing temperature range. Model comes with burner system, three peephole plugs, brick for covering porthole on top during reduction, instruction manual, and warranty card.

Options for customization:
First, select the correct fuel type for your kiln’s space - propane or natural gas. Also choose whether you’d like to include the ignition ring, which makes firing more convenient. Without it, you must light each of the burners with a fire stick manually. Finally, select the height of your kiln - either 27” or 31”.

Max Temp: 2350°F (Cone 10)
BTU/Burner: 80,000
BTU/HR: 240,000
Num Burners: 3
Pipe Line Size: 3/4"
Gallons per Cone 10 Firing: 7
Inner Dimensions: 23.5"W x 27"D
Outer Dimensions: 41"W x 40"T
Volume: 7 cu.ft.
One Year Warranty

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1 year Warranty

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