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Mayco SC-51 Poo Bear 16 oz.

Mayco SC-51 Poo Bear 16 oz.

by Mayco

Item #: MSC51-16

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Stroke & Coat® was originally developed to be a cone 06 bisque glaze. The "heavy-duty" performance of the glaze was built-in as a feature for novice, young (school children) or new practitioners; Mayco set out to develop a glaze that would almost "guarantee" a good fired result. "Goof-proof", forgiving, tolerant. As users from various markets began using the glaze they reported the amazing results they achieved, using the glaze in ways Mayco had not intended or anticipated. The ultimate "happy accident."

Stroke & Coat®is a heavy-bodied, versatile glaze that has the widest range of use and application of any Mayco glaze The extraordinary tolerance and forgiveness of Stroke & Coat® allows it to be used as follows:

Firing Temperature - can be fired from cone 06 to cone 10
Kiln Atmosphere - reduction or oxidation firing
Surface - can be applied to greenware of bisque
Body - can be applied to earthenware, stoneware or porcelain
Application Thickness - translucent and water-color effects can be achieved with thin applications; full opacity is achieved with thicker applications - if layered it can create dimensional effects
Intermixable - Stroke & Coat® glazes can be blended to create new colors
Design Integrity - can be used to created intricate, detailed designs. Colors butted against one another will not blend. Used in Majolica techniques the glaze will not move nor will it blend into the base glaze beneath it.
Light over Dark - light colors will remain opaque when layered on top of darker colors (3 coat coverage recommended).
Liquid-to-Fired Color Consistency - the colors in their liquid state accurately represent the fired color
Glossy Finish - Stroke & Coat® will fire to a gloss finish - clear glaze is not required
Wide Palette of Colors - Stroke & Coat® glazes are available in over 70 vibrant bright and pastel shades.
Non-Toxic, Food Safe


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