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Since 1975, the Roselli name has been the go-to brand for those popular metal pointed kiln stilts seen in so many classrooms and production studios. Although their products have been imitated by many, no other company can quite compare to the quality, consistency, and innovation that Roselli stilts introduce into your firing practices. Their specialty products such as the Bead Tree, Stacking Plate Rack, and Large Bead Rack are unique and efficient products used all over the world.


In 2006, The Ceramic Shop acquired Roselli Pottery Inc. The Ceramic Shop continues to manufacture their complete line of products, including the Star Stilts and Double Pointed Stilts. Our goal is to grow the product line with new and innovative products while modernizing the production methods. All the ceramic stilt products we manufacture can be fired all the way up to cone 10, and are made of a strong refractory, stoneware body. We use the highest grade high temperature wire available, so you can be assured that your stilts and racks will hold up well through many firings.


Questions about Roselli stilts? Don’t hesitate to call us at 215-427-9665 and speak with a representative about your product needs. Would you like to sell our products? We would be glad to talk to you about our wholesale plan. For a full list of retail prices, please click here.


Check out the Roselli Stilt Fact Sheet and Frequently Asked Questions here.



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