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So often in ceramics we find ourselves with a paintbrush in hand. While once considered the "painter's tool", these versatile implements have become a necessity in many artistic endeavors. In pottery, brushes are used frequently in surface decoration for applying slips, washes and underglazes to greenware and for applying glaze to bisqueware. Brushes are also useful in waxing the bottoms of pots. Because brushes are available in a variety of shapes, bristle types and sizes, the potential for their uses is almost endless. Brushes are sold in sets and individually, so you can personalize your own brush collection. 


Here at the Ceramic Shop we have brushes for just about any technique! Use our fine, liner brushes for Majolica work. Try our Hake and Wash brushes for creating broad strokes with washes and slips. Experiment with bamboo brushes for surface decoration work. Have fun, get excited and be creative!





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