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If you are looking for a simple, quick ceramic project, but don’t have access to a potter’s wheel, studio, or kiln, try our pre-fired bisqueware. This is a great way to explore ceramic decoration, without having to invest in an extensive studio set-up.


Here at The Ceramic Shop, we carry a wide variety of bisqueware, which is pottery that has already been fired -- or ‘bisqued’ - and is primed for decoration with glazes and underglazes. This means that in order to complete an easy ceramic project, you simply select the form that you like and then coat it with glaze or underglaze by painting, dipping, or pouring; then fire your piece, and you’re done! The simplicity of this process makes it very popular with classroom teachers looking to introduce large groups of students to the ceramic arts in a manageable way; because bisqueware only needs to be fired once (as opposed to twice, which some classroom projects can require), the turnaround time is also a lot faster! This is also a great process for the experienced ceramic artist, too -- if you’re looking for a quick way to test glazes, using pre-fired bisqueware will save you time and energy. Plus, testing on actual pots, rather than test tiles, will allow you to better-envision glazes on your own finished pieces.


If you are in the Philadelphia area, and would like to try our bisqueware products but do not have access to a kiln, you can bring your completed projects into The Ceramic Shop where we can fire it for you! Check out our firing services here.


If you have any questions about bisqueware projects or our firing service, please give us a call at 215-427-9665.