Here in our clearance section, you will find many amazing deals, including our popular heavily-discounted HydroBat seconds.  What, exactly, is the difference between our regular-priced HydroBats and the clearance models?  Often, very little – sometimes the pieces will have scratches, chips, or pinholes.  Sometimes, bats or molds intended to sit on a wheelhead won’t fit quite right, but they may still make excellent table molds.  


In addition to HydroBat seconds, you will also find a constantly-changing inventory of discounted glazes and tools. When glazes are discontinued, or a new formula is released, we will often put our stock in this section. We are constantly updating this department, so check back frequently for great bargains!


Please keep in mind that our HydroBat seconds and all of our other clearance items are NON-returnable, and sold as-is. If you have questions about a particular product, we encourage you to ask us before purchasing for this reason.