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Here at the Ceramic Shop, we offer great deals on pottery wheel models by all of your favorite manufacturers, including Brent, Pacifica, Shimpo, Skutt, and Speedball! Whether you are looking for an affordable wheel to use casually, or you are looking for purchase an entire fleet of wheels to build out a new studio space, we’re sure to have what you need -- as well as any advice if you need some help making a decision on your wheel purchase. After all, most of the staff of The Ceramic Shop are potters! Give us a call at 215-427-9665 -- we’d love to talk wheels with you!

Welcome to The Ceramic Shop home of discounted ceramic supplies. If you are looking for products that would fall into the following categories: pottery supply, ceramic supply, pottery supplies, ceramic supplies, clay supply, skutt kilns, L&L kilns ,glass kilns, Brent Wheels, shimpo pottery wheel, Amaco glazes, spectrum glaze, Mayco Glazes, kiln supplies, kiln stilts, Olympic kilns, Paragon kilns, kilns for sale, mason stains, kiln parts, Hydro-Bats you have come to the right place. Since 1999 we have been supplying the Philadelphia area with quality pottery supplies. Yes we do accept purchase orders from schools and businesses throughout the entire USA. Our shipping rates are very competitive on any size order

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