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If you are looking for the perfect glaze or underglaze for finishing your work, we have what you need here at The Ceramic Shop!  From brilliantly-colored low-fire glazes to painterly underglazes to a wide selection of cone 6 options, The Ceramic Shop carries the perfect glaze for finishing your work.  Shop by brand and series, or shop by glaze color from the pull-down menu located along the top of the website.


A glaze is a vitreous substance fused on to the surface of pottery to form a hard, impervious coating. This coating is typically applied after an initial bisque firing occurs, although certain glazes can be single-fired.  After a bisqued (or once-fired) piece of pottery is covered with glaze either by dipping, brushing, or spraying, the piece is then fired again, to a temperature appropriate for both the claybody and glaze being used. Generally, these ranges will be either low-fire (pyrometric cone 05-06 is the general range for low-fire) or mid-range (cone 6 being the most popular range). For you, this means that we carry a huge variety of glazes for both low-fire and mid-range pottery. While we offer most glazes in pint sizes, we do additionally carry certain professional lines in large, dry amounts for the potter who is able to mix glazes him- or herself.


An underglaze is exactly what it sounds like -- a decorative coating that you dip or paint on to greenware or bisqued pottery. After an initial firing, you can then cover the underglaze with a transparent or translucent glaze for added effect, or you can let the underglazes stand on their own. While glazes tend to be vitreous and run together when fired, with underglazes, you can expect a more tightly-controlled, painterly effect.  


Not sure what type of glaze or underglaze you might want to use for your project?  Here at The Ceramic Shop, our knowledgeable staff is happy to help you find the perfect finishing touch! If you need help figuring out your clay's firing range, or are simply looking for some good suggestions, give us a call at 215-427-9665.


Glazes and velvet underglazes





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