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If you like throwing on plaster bats, you will love using a Hydro-Bat! Because the Hydro-Bat is made of Hydro-Stone instead of the standard pottery plaster, it’s full eight to ten times stronger than similar products. You will find the surface of our bats to be scratch resistant, while the bats’ water-absorbing properties fully eliminate the need to cut your pieces off of the bat with a wire.

Most of our Hydro-Bats have been designed to fit on standard wheel heads with bat pins placed ten inches apart. Our smallest Hydro-Bats, featuring diamaters of 6”, 8” and 10”, do require adapters to enable them to fit centered on your wheel head, but not to worry, we carry those too. All of our adapters are made of sturdy polyethylene plastic, and will become a studio staple for you along with your Hydro-Bats. If you have a pottery wheel with no drilled bat pin holes, no problem! Many of our customers have used our Hydro-Bats with a bat gripper with great success. If you have a non-standard wheel head, but are still interested in trying out Hydro-Bat products, give us a call at 215-427-9665 -- we will be happy to help you!


Our Hydro-Bats are also available for wholesaling to ceramic suppliers. Please contact us if you're interested in becoming a Hydrobat dealer. You can view our full pricelist by clicking here.


As these products are produced by hand and shipped soon after manufacturing, we recommend that any Hydrobat, Hump Mold, or Slump Mold be unboxed immediately upon receiving them to allow any traces of residual moisture to leave the product.