This is the section where we carry products for replacing the hardware on your kiln lid, or adding a brace to allow for easier lid lifting.


If you have an older kiln that has a cracked, damaged, or degraded floor or lid, did you know you can simply purchase a replacement slab to fix the kiln’s structure? Likewise, if you have an older kiln that is in great shape but could use a new hinge set, you can purchase that part here. At The Ceramic Shop, we believe in making the most out of your equipment - if you need help locating the correct replacement part for your kiln’s lid or floor, give us a call.


Kiln Floor, Skutt 16 Sided
Item #: KFL16
Kiln Floor, Skutt


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Kiln Lid, Skutt 16 Sided 3"
Item #: SSLBrick163
Kiln Lid, Skutt


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