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Kiln Sitter Parts, Dawson kiln sitter, kiln timer parts, tube assemblies, cone supports, timer motor, cone supports


Kiln Sitters 

Kiln Sitters are control boxes on electric pottery kilns that utilize pyrometric cones to dictate a kiln’s firing. Prongs within the kiln sitter extend to support a pyrometric cone or rod. Once the kiln reaches a specific temperature, the cone will start to bend causing a lever to drop, switching the kiln off. Kiln sitters have become less common with the advent of digital controllers, however, they are still found on many manual kilns.


Important components of kiln sitters include the tube assembly, cone supports and a sensing rod. Kiln sitters are also available with and without a timer. At The Ceramic Shop we stock most kiln sitter parts, If you are unsure of what you need, please feel free to contact us.


If you are looking for tube assemblies, gauge washers or cone supports, please click here.




   We sell all the parts for the Dawson kiln sitters, most in stock.

       Feel free to call to speak with a kiln technician today. 



  Click HERE For a complete catalog of Dawson Kiln Sitter Parts including MSRP prices. 




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Contact Switch Dawson
Dawson Kiln Sitter, KS-K
You Save: 10%
Dawson Kiln Sitter, KS-P
You Save: 10%
Dawson Kiln Sitter, LT-3
You Save: 10%
Dawson Kiln Sitter, LT-3K
You Save: 11%
Kiln Sitter Timer Motor
Kiln Sitter Timer Motor - Old
Kiln Sitter Timer Motor 120V
Kiln Sitter, Claw
You Save: 12%
Sensing Rod 7"
Skutt Guide Plate w claw
Timer Motor Old Style
Tube Assembly, Type P 4"
You Save: 9%
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