Racks and Tongs


Here at The Ceramic Shop, we carry all of the auxiliary items you may need for enameling, wax casting, or raku firing. Shop here for enamel and wax racks for your kilns, or for tongs for raku firing.


Enameling Rack 4"
Item #: PER4
Enameling Rack


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Paragon Enameling Fork 18"
Item #: PEF181
Paragon Enameling Fork


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Raku Tongs,  Kemper RK45, 31"
Item #: RTONGS31
Raku Tongs, Kemper RK45, 31"

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Stainless Steel Wax Tray 12x12
Item #: PSWT12
Stainless Steel Wax Tray


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