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pottery clay traps for sink


One of the difficulties in maintaining a pottery studio is the constant cleaning that is necessary. At the end of a good studio session, we are often left with messy, clay-coated buckets, tools, splash pans, and more. Keeping clay out of your plumbing is a challenge for every potter, from the person with the basement studio to the manager of a college lab. While you can do your very best to keep clay out of your sink using rinse buckets or pans, let's face it -- some of that clay gets away from you.


While a little bit of clay might not seem like a big deal, all those instances add up to clogged pipes and plumbing issues. Because clay, as a particle, is both tiny AND heavy, it has a tendency to flow into tiny nooks and crannies and settled -- and over time, that accumulation leads to slow drains and clogged sinks. And because clay is inorganic, it won't simply decay and 'go away' over time. So what's the best solution for your studio? Here at The Ceramic Shop, we offer several clay sink traps that can provide you with a simple solution. These traps -- which may also just be called clay traps or sink traps --  connect to the pipes below your sink and allow clay particles and glaze materials to settle and collect in a closed container, which rests below your drainage. Water flows continuously as normal, which means you no longer have to worry about rinse buckets -- clay sink traps allow you to wash out all clay-coated tools right in your sink without worry of clogging! Of course, continuing to use rinse buckets will extend the time period you can go between emptying your clay sink trap -- once the container is full of waste, it can be removed, cleaned and replaced. Typically, this is done very simply, by unscrewing the collection chamber and emptying it out. Many of our clay sink traps are simple to install on your own, and do NOT require expertise in plumbing.


Clay sink traps are available in both plastic and metal containers, and come in a variety of sizes to cover all of your studio needs.  Whether you only need a small unit as a protective measure, or a large bucket-sized collection chamber to handle a high-traffic studio, we have the right clay sink trap for you! If you are unsure about which model is most suitable to your needs, our experienced staff is always happy to help you find the right trap for your studio -- give us a call at 215-427-9665, and we'll get you started on the path to clear plumbing!




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