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Evenheat is located on the beautiful blue shores of Lake Huron and has grown steadily from these humble beginnings to become a major kiln manufacturer serving the ceramic, glass, heat treat and metal clays markets.


Evenheat Kiln was founded in 1948 by John and Margaret Watson. The beginning of Evenheat can be traced to the late 1890's, when Margaret's grandmother was a china painter. Not having kilns at the time, she fired her wares in a pit in the backyard. Margaret so admired her grandma's lovely paintings that she decided to try her hand at this art.


John decided to build a kiln to fire his wife's ware. This eliminated transporting the fragile china across town for firing. It was suggested that John build kilns for shops to sell -- hence the birth of Evenheat. Personal kilns were unique at this time, making Evenheat a true pioneer.


TODAY, Evenheat has improved on their popular Set-Pro control systems. The Set-Pro will now include Begin and End of Process Alarms. The new alarms will allow glass artists to know when their glass has reached the temperatures for fusing, slumping, casting and more. It will also alarm the artists to when the kiln in heading into the annealing process. These are critical points in glass firing and the new features in the Set-Pro aim to provide the glass artists with more control over their firings. Evenheat is dedicated to offering controls designed for real-world use and these new alarms reflect that commitment.


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Evenheat Evolution 2318 240V
You Save: 19%
Evenheat Evolution 2327 240V
You Save: 21%
Evenheat High Fire 2927
You Save: 20%
Evenheat RM 1413
You Save: 17%
Evenheat Copper Infinite 120
You Save: 20%
Evenheat Fishbone
You Save: 23%
Evenheat GT 14-6
You Save: 20%
Evenheat GTS 18-13 Infinite
You Save: 18%
Evenheat GTS 18-9 Infinite
You Save: 19%
Evenheat GTS 23-13 Set-Pro
You Save: 18%
Evenheat GTS 23-9 Infinite
Evenheat GTS 2541 13"
You Save: 20%
Evenheat GTS 2541 9"
You Save: 20%
Evenheat GTS 2541 9"
You Save: 20%
Evenheat Hot Shot
You Save: 15%
Evenheat Kingpin 88 Silver Vei
You Save: 21%
Evenheat Studio 8 120 V
You Save: 25%
Evenheat Studio Pro 120 V
You Save: 25%
Evenheat Studio Pro 14 120V
You Save: 10%
Evenheat Studio Pro 24 SP
You Save: 20%
Evenheat Studio Pro STP 120 V
You Save: 25%
Evenheat TGK GT 4050
You Save: 18%
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