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Seattle based design studio Fruitsuper was founded in 2008 as a balance of their complementary skill sets; she is the why, he is the how. They celebrate constraints, obsess over details, are dedicated to quality, and focused on creating elevated everyday objects. Designed with intent and integrity, crafted for living, and always American made.


From the artists: "Our inspiration starts with stacks of good books, making pattern connections, eating good food, getting lost in new cities, getting lost in museums, seeing students learning a new language, playing, reading, exploring, and repeating. Inspiration is constant, sometimes overwhelming, yet still exciting and unexpected. We are still learning how to document and harness the jolts and thrills of receiving new information. Our process includes factory visits, learning new crafts, methods, and appropriateness of materials. We create, sketch, make, research, exhaust, and obsess. We partner to combine big ideas with simple solutions, exhaustively working through each and every detail and building lasting relationships with skilled manufacturers. We are passionately nerdy about materials and manufacturing, and get just as giddy to start each new project as we did the very first time."