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Inswool is a popular flexible ceramic refractory material that looks like soft, puffy cotton -- but be careful, because it certainly doesn’t have that cottony feel! In fact, we recommend not touching it at all unless you are wearing gloves and not tearing or cutting it unless you are wearing a respirator. Inswool is an essential element in kiln-building and kiln ‘buttoning’. This lightweight, blanket-like material will keep heat in without catching on fire, and its fibrous texture makes it great for filling in small draft holes and helping to slow down your kiln’s cooling.


Similar to Inswool in material is Inswool paper. Yes, this is a flat, paper-like version of refractory Inswool, and is great for living kiln shelves and is a very popular product with glass artists. If you slump or fuse glass, Inswool paper is a great product to have on hand.


We can cut any fiber blanket or paper product to your size specifications.  Sold by the foot unless otherwise noted.


Thin Fire Shelf Paper
Item #: THFIRE
Thin Fire Shelf Paper

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