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l&l fuego kiln discounted sale

The Fuego Craft Kiln reaches Cone 10 (2350ºF) with power to spare! This ideally sized home craft kiln uses a minimal 240 volt 20 amp circuit and includes simple One-Touch™ program control. The Fuego is great for apartments or houses with smaller power systems.


The FUEGO has the full range of premium L&L features such as hard ceramic element holders, Type K 8 gauge thermocouple with ceramic protection tube, full support 14 gauge aluminized steel stand, two solid peephole plugs with full 1” view, proprietary reflective brick coating that protects brick and minimizes dusting, and three-year limited warranty. Brick thickness is 3” and also includes a layer of non-RCF fiber between the stainless steel case and firebrick for extra insulation, a door shut-off switch for the elements, and an extra peephole plug in the top for venting.


L&L Fuego Home Craft Kiln
Item #: LLFUEGO0
L&L Fuego Home Craft Kiln

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