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l&l easy fire square kiln discounted sale

L&L Easy-Fire Automatic Zone Control Kilns are the industry standard in professional-grade electric kilns an L&L's most popular line of kilns. They include durability features like element holders, protected thermocouples, super-strong stands and solid peephole plugs. For unparalleled performance and excellent temperature uniformity they include automatic zone control. They are designed for easy maintenance with their easy pull-down panel, light weight lid lifting system, easy-to-change elements and color-coded wiring. The Easy-Fire XT Square Kilns are the same great Easy-Fire Kiln, but in a different shape. You can choose from the standard style elements or upgrade to the long lasting quad elements for consistent cone 10 firings.


L&L E-2318-XT Square 240 V
Item #: LXB2318-EZM241S-
L&L E-2318-XT Square Kiln

You Save: 15%

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L&L E-2327-XT Square 240V S
Item #: LX2327-EZM241-S
L&L E-2327-XT Square Kiln

You Save: 22%

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