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Evenheat glass and PMC clay kilns live up to their name -- they really do offer an incredibly even firing, which is very important for your slumping, annealing, and fusing projects. Many Evenheat glass kilns feature an element in the lid, which gives you full control over your firing and ensures that your kiln -- your WHOLE kiln -- maintains a consistent temperature throughout. 


Evenheat glass kilns are also an excellent choice for the artist who keeps a home studio, as many of their kilns are available with a 120V plug. This means that you can just plug your kiln into a regular household outlet and get started with glass projects right away! 


If you have any questions about finding the right Evenheat glass kiln for your studio or classroom, please give us a call -- our staff loves talking kilns!


Evenheat GTS 2541 13"
Item #: EHGTS2541-13D
Evenheat GTS 2541

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Kingpin 88 Kiln Silver Vein
Kingpin 88 120V

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