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We are proud to have introduced this new series of kilns made exclusively for us at The Ceramic Shop, by L&L Kilns.


The idea behind this series was to make an affordable kiln with high quality parts for individuals who don't need or want all the bells and whistles - this means that you won't be paying for features that you won't use.  Theses kilns are ideal for beginners and individuals who fire a moderate amount every year. The Bartlett kiln controllers are capable of firing ceramics, glass, heat treating, silver clay and anything else you can think of.


One of the unique features of this kiln series is the addition of a 4.5" blank ring section increasing the size of the kilns firing chamber.  


Standard Features:

• Bartlett Controllers (3 Key on the iF1823 / iF12323, & 12 Key on the iF2327)

• Heavy-Duty Lid Brace

• Easy-to-install and remove lid with standard hinge

• Solid Peep Hole Plugs

• High Quailty Elements

• Heavy Duty Kiln Stand

• Extra Blank Half Ring comes standard with iF1823 & iF2323 - Increases firing capacity

• Can be used with all Venting systems


Check out our Kilns 101 FAQ!



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iFire 1194 120V 4"
Item #: iFire1194
iFire 1194 120V 4"

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iFire 1823 240 V 1P 2.5"
Item #: iF1823240V25
The Ceramic Shop
iFire 1823

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iFire 2323 240V 1 P 3"
Item #: iF2323240V13
iFire 2323

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iFire 2327 240V 1P 3"
Item #: iF2327240V13
iFire 2327

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