Colored Wax Resist


Mr. Mark’s Colored Wacky Wax is a colored wax resist that can be applied either to bisqueware or on top of glaze. Though it is applied in the way you would typically apply wax resist, when fired, Wacky Wax takes on the appearance of a glaze. Wacky Wax combines the rich colors and effects of glaze with the resist properties of wax. Now glazing and waxing techniques are combined in one bottle!


Mr. Mark’s Wacky Wax allows for endless surface decoration opportunities. It can be brushed on or used with slip applicators, allowing for fluid strokes and precise decoration. A thin brushcoat will leave a stain-like finish, while a thicker, slip trailed coat will leave behind a more solid glaze coat.The squeeze spout applicator will allow you to draw directly onto your flat pieces without ever using a brush. You can even try overlapping areas and mixing wacky wax colors together. The idea of the wax was to open up your glazing possibilities so have fun and Go for it. We would love to see what you come up with so please send your pictures to us and we may even put them online.


Wacky Wax can be fired from cone 6-10.




Wax Resist Black 4 oz
Wax Resist Black 4 oz

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