Caldera-X Blank Collar
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Caldera-X Blank Collar

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The Caldera-X collar is a kiln section that stacks onto the Caldera or Caldera-S kiln, adding 4.5" of height. The Caldera-X has no heating elements. It is designed to add extra space for low-fire projects such as glass slumping. The Caldera and Caldera-S, even with a collar, still fire to 2000°F/1093°C. The Collar is made of 2.5" hand-selected insulating refractory firebricks.

To strengthen the firing chamber, the firebrick corners are fitted together with L-shaped notches. This type of joint lasts longer than the butted joint and the "picture frame" mitered joint found on competitive brands. Rugged construction makes this collar a workhorse. The insulating firebricks, wrapped in heavy-gauge stainless steel, soak up heat for slow, efficient cooling. For each maintenance, the stainless steel case includes case tighteners. Caldera kilns will give you a haven of creative enjoyment that you will especially appreciate when life gets hectic. The Caldera-X is made in America to exacting standards.

Warning for the Caldera Kiln Equipped with a Collar

If an unlatched collar (enameling, bead, or extension) is mounted between the Caldera body and the kiln bottom, care must be taken when opening the hinged lid. Do not open the lid past 90 degrees (where the lid is straight up) unless the lid leans against a heat-proof support behind the kiln.