Quick Trim 2, 15.5"
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Quick Trim 2, 15.5"

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This is the standard size for all wheels with either 9" or 10" bat pins. The outer diameter of the QT2-15 is 15.5"and it can secure a form with a diameter of 11 3/4" diameter using the (4) 1" holders with dense foam and vinyl covers.

More about the Quick Trim 2.

Secure your pots for trimming in only 7 seconds!

The NEW amazing Bailey Quick-Trim (patent pending) is a low cost exciting centering bat for holding a pot securely when you trim the foot. The Quick-Trim has 4 holding points (instead of only 3) for securing the pot for trimming. This provides much greater flexibility for not only trimming round symmetrical forms, but asymmetrical and multi-sided forms. Now you can trim oblong, squared, multi-sided, free formed and taller formed pots. Bailey's Quick-Trim 2 also has four additional heights of holders which can be purchased separately.

The Quick-Trim 2 has a very economical price, making it very attractive for beginning potters as well as professionals. 

The Quick-Trim 2 has the advantage of
(4) holders for securing the pots. 

1)  Fast independent adjustment of every holder against any type of pottery   shape.
2) Holding multi-sides forms.
3) Holding artistic organic "asymmetrical" pottery forms.                                       
4) Superior holding power by applying equalized holder pressure from opposite sides of the pot.