Excel EX-329-SF Kiln
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Excel EX-329-SF Kiln

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Item #: EAEX329K

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The new Excel 22" series kilns were designed to make loading and unloading easier for students and shorter potters. They are 4" deeper than the previous 18" models yet still easily accessible, available in three chamber sizes, and make it possible to fire up to an 18" tall vase. Plus, the cone 10 capability allows maximum flexibility for firing low and high fire work. The default voltage when adding this item to your cart will but 208, however, Excel 22" series comes in both 208 volt and 240 volt. If you would like your kiln to be 240 volt please feel free to call us.


Two-position, reinforced steel bar—secures lid while loading and unloading
Reversible slabs—lid and bottom slabs can be turned over to use the other side, extending the life of the kiln
5 Kanthal A-1 Element wire coils
Select Fire™ Computer Control
7-foot power cord with NEMA 6-50 plug
Two year warranty


Max Firing Temp: Cone 10, 2350 F
Inner Dimensions: 17.5" W x 22" D
Cubic Feet: 3.2
Voltage/Phase: 240/208 Single
208 V 1 Phase Max Firing Temp is Cone 6
Shipping Weight: 290 lb