Liberty-Belle L&L 240V1P 2.5 S
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Liberty-Belle L&L 240V1P 2.5 S

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This kiln is designed for the home and also makes a great glaze test kiln for professional potters. Sized at 2.5 cubic feet (16-1/2" diameter by 18" high) it features the intuitive One-Touch control, 3" of energy saving brick, a 12 foot long cord that plugs into a 30 amp dryer outlet, sectional construction for easy set up, cone 10 operation, fast heat up, ceramic element holders for durability and many other features.

Why should you choose an L&L kiln? The hallmark of the L&L kilns, what really sets them apart from other kilns, is the Dyna Glow Ceramic Element Holders. They protect your firebrick through years of Cone 6 and Cone 10 firings, promising better heat distribution inside the kiln, and ease in replacement of the elements when it becomes necessary. L&L Kilns are built to last and easy to maintain.

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Control: Simple Three Button Automatic control with four programs. Three programs are set up for ceramic firing (slow bisque to cone 06, Slow Glaze to cone 05, Fast Glaze to cone 6), all of which can be easily changed. One program is left for anything you want such as firing glass or metal. Programs stay in memory until changed. There are eight segments in each program and each segment has a ramp, hold and a soak.
Thermocouple: Heavy-duty 8 gauge type K
Energy Efficient: The kiln when empty can reach Cone 10 in about 2 hours and use about 12.5 KWH (this would cost about $1.00 @ 8 cents per KWH. When fired with a heavy load of 55 pounds it took 23 KWH to go to Cone 6 on a Fast Glaze program - about $1.84)

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Watch the DynaTrol Control in action
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Three Year Warranty

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Max Firing Temp: Cone 10 (2350F)
Inside Dimensions (inches): 17.5 Diameter x 18 High
Outside Dimensions: 29W x 31D x 30H
Cubic Feet: 2.6
Amps: 23.9
Breaker Required: 30
Plug: NEMA 14-30
Shipping Weight: 200 lbs