E28S-3 L&L Kiln 240V 3P Q
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E28S-3 L&L Kiln 240V 3P Q

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Item #: LE28S-3240-3Q

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L&L E28S-3 Easy-Fire Series kiln, 240-volt, three-phase, with added quad elements.

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We love the Easy Fire Series. L&L is a local company for The Ceramic Shop, and we love to support local business. Why should you choose an L&L kiln? The hallmark of the L&L kilns, what really sets them apart from other kilns, is the Dyna Glow Ceramic Element Holders. They protect your firebrick through years of Cone 6 and Cone 10 firings, promising better heat distribution inside the kiln, and ease in replacement of the elements when it becomes necessary. L&L Kilns are built to last and easy to maintain. L&L has 64 years of experience in making quality kiln products and offering top notch customer service.

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Image shows close-up of Quad Elements Add-on Option

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Watch the DynaTrol Control in action.
Read the specification sheet

Comes standard with 3" brick

Please note that addition of Quad Elements does not change the kiln specifications.

Three Year Warranty

Shipping Weight 370 lbs

Furniture/Accessory Kit (not included and available on request) includes:
Six 25-1/2'' half shelves, six each: 1/2'', 1'', 2'', 4'', 6'', and 8'' square posts plus 1 pound of Cone 10 kiln wash, and a pair of temperature resistant gloves for loading

Max Firing Temp: Cone 10 (2350F)
Inside Dimensions (inches): 28 Diameter x 18 High
Outside Dimensions: 37W x 48D x 33H
Cubic Feet: 6.8
Amps: 41.5
Breaker Required: 60
Plug: NEMA 15-50
Shipping Weight: 370 lbs