Plast-i-clay 9K Assortment
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Plast-i-clay 9K Assortment


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10 Color Assortment Box Set

Plasti clay is a non hardening non toxic modeling clay that is great for classroom settings. It helps children develop sensory motor skills and encourages self expression. Also great for crafters and hobbyists. Plasticlay can be resused when stored air tight. Available in six bright colors that blend easily

Plasti-clay is AP Non-Toxic.

THREE NEW COLORS -- Cream, Orange, & Terra Cotta.

NEW 25 lb. SIZE -- All Colors!!!

A non-toxic, non-hardening plastic modeling clay at an economical price. Plast-i-clay® helps children learn and grow by encouraging creativity and self-expression. It's clean, safe, and ideal for children of all ages.

Plast-i-clay® is easy to work with, stays soft and pliable when stored in a plastic bag, and can be used over and over. Colors can be blended together to create new ones if desired.

Plast-i-Clay® is available in one pound packages of a single color or assorted (four 1/4 lb. sticks) and a ten stick (6 3/4 oz.) set.

Assortment 7K contains four 1/4 lb. sticks, one each of Red, Gray, Green, and Brown.
Assortment 8K contains four 1/4 lb. sticks, one each of Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green.

Assortment 9K contains approximately 1/2 oz. sticks, one each of these ten colors: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Gray, Brown, Black, White, Pink, and Orange.