Brick,Skutt 2.5" 10 KilnSitter
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Brick,Skutt 2.5" 10 KilnSitter


Item #: BRICKS2510KS

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For Skutt kilns that have a "KS" or "KM" prefix in their model number. Call us if your kiln model is too old to have either prefix and we will quote you the "Old Style" version.

When calculating how many bricks you need, add 20%. Many soft bricks do not look damaged until you touch them. You will also lose some in the process of installation. Trust us, we have replaced many soft brick.

Peep hole bricks can also be made out of straight bricks, by drilling a small hole and then using sand paper wrapped around a peep hole plug to smooth it out. To really make it nice, paint the inside of the hole with a bit of kiln cement. Bricks that need a thermocouple to pass through can be drilled by hand as well.

Call with any questions.