Harness Wire Set KM 1218 3P
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Harness Wire Set KM 1218 3P


Item #: SKMHWSKM12183

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Kiln Model/Phasing:

Please note that the listing for the 822-1227 wires are compatible with the following KM models: 822, 822-3, 1022-3, 1027, 1222, 1227.

This is Skutt’s Harness Wire Set for 3-phase kilns of the following models:


This Harness Wire set includes all of the connection wires needed to connect to and from the relays and control board. The set also comes with detailed instructions on how to replace these wires for all control boards. These wires are heavy duty and prevent heat damage to the relays.

Skutt Part #: 2563.

Click here for instructions for replacing your wiring harness.