Rope Roller, Fishnet 5MM
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Rope Roller, Fishnet 5MM

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The Rope Roller Tools by Bamboo Tools were inspired by the cord markings on pots from the Jamon period of neolithic Japan. These rollers provide a simple way to create repeating patterns of rich texture. Rope rollers can be used just like rolling pins. Simply press gently into the clay as you slowly roll along its surface. For best results, we recommend their use on soft slabs of clay or on the surfaces of wet pots.

This small, fishnet rope roller creates an elegant diamond shaped knit pattern, just like that of fishnet stockings (hence the name of this tool!). The entire tool measures 6"long and is available with either 3 mm or 5 mm thick rope. Please select your choice from the drop down menu above.

This, and all other Rope Rollers from Bamboo Tools, is made from durable bamboo. The use of bamboo in ceramics is ideal, as it is water-resistant. We at The Ceramic Shop love the use of bamboo because it is such a rapidly renewable and abundant natural resource, making it an environmentally friendly alternative to wood.

Rope marker with 3mm or 5mm rope.