MKM Sm Triangle1.5 cm StsT3DIS
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MKM Sm Triangle1.5 cm StsT3DIS

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MKM StsT3 Small Trianglular Wooden stamp: tall triangle, horizontal lines.

These beautiful oiled hardwood stamps by MKM allow for easy reproduction of a wide variety of designs.

Stamp images in this Sts Small Triangle Stamp series are each 1.5 cm x 1.5 cm x 1.5 cm

NEW: Right Angle Triangle "R" series and Tall Triangle "T" series.

Please use the DROP-DOWN menu above to scroll through the wide variety of images and patterns available.

All MKM stamps have a bevelled edge, which makes imprinting and removing easy and precise. The oiled wood is also ideal because it minimizes the degree to which the clay sticks to the stamp.

Like most MKM stamps, the stamps in this series are two-sided (there is an image on each end) - so it's 2 stamps in 1! Also, one thing to remember is that the black areas of the drawings represent lines that are carved into the wood, and, are therefore, raised lines in the clay when the stamp is used.