L&L School Master 28T-3
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L&L School Master 28T-3

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Furniture Kit:

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- Rolling Kiln Stand

- Ceramic Shop Furniture Kit (Save money and get more!)

L&L's School Master kilns are super-durable and include all of the easy-maintenance features of the Easy-Fire kilns. For simplicity, however, School-Master kilns feature the intuitive One-Touch kiln control that has a standard Bisque and Glaze program tuned to the needs of most K-12 programs. Temperature, heating and cooling rate, delay time and soak time can all be easily modified for the two main programs and remain set that way until deliberately changed. In addition, for more advanced users, there are four custom programs.

The control is single zone and the kilns have graded elements. L&L has also made sure to tune the element resistance for good performance. The School-Master kilns are limited to Cone 6 operation even though the construction of the kilns can handle higher temperatures.

Furniture Kit is an optional addition to maximize your kiln's space.

Furniture Kit includes:
Shelves: Eight 25-1/2" Half Round Shelves (3/4" thick)
Furniture Posts: Six each of 1/2", 1", 2", 4", 6", & 8" high 1-1/2" Square Ceramic Posts
Furniture Accessories: One Pair Heat Resistant Gloves

School Master kilns also offer a Five Year Warranty!

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Max Firing Temp: Cone 6 (2250F)
Inside Dimensions (inches): 28 Diameter x 27 High
Outside Dimensions: 37W x 48D x 42H
Cubic Feet: 10.2
Amps: 48.0
Breaker Required: 60
Plug: NEMA 6-50
Shipping Weight: 460 lbs