Epoxy Pigments, Set of 9
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Archie Bray

Epoxy Pigments, Set of 9


Item #: EPPIG

Pigments designed for East Valley or Archie Bray 2 Part Epoxy. Color Kit includes 9 colored pigments to be mixed with the East Valley Epoxy.

Also known as Bray-Poxy.

Instructions for Color-Kit
1. Cut off equal lengths of part A and B. Cover remaining portion tightly in plastic bag. For long term storage, double bag and put into tight plastic container.
2. Mix thoroughly until color becomes uniform. The easiest way to do this is to place both pieces(A+B) together, then roll and fold the material in your hands vigorously. Repeat the folding and rolling procedure until the material is a uniform color with no "candy stripe" effect. Mix at least three minutes for a walnut-size piece. At least 15 minutes for a whole pound.The longer you roll the epoxy in your hand, the warmer and softer it will become, making it more "adhesive". If you have a sensitivity to epoxy, use latex or rubber gloves.
3. Dip epoxy in water and then dip it into the powdered pigment. Knead together to disperse color into the epoxy. Adding another drop of water will help liquefy and disperse color throughout the epoxy. Add water conservatively, one drop at a time. This will both help disperse color and will soften the epoxy.
4. The pigments are strong. Start using a small amount and add more as needed.
5. All colors clean-up easily with water. It is recommended to use latex gloves while mixing epoxy together and blending in powdered pigments.