Rope Roller, Van Gilder
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Van Gilder

Rope Roller, Van Gilder

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This Rope Roller by van Gilder are great for adding subtle texture to your ceramic work. It is durable and easy to use.

Here is what Bill Van Gilder has to say about them!

"There are lots of simple tools to use when decorating your work. And often, simple is best! Held between your fingertips like a small rolling pin and using a steady, gentle hand pressure, roll a roped dowel across a soft clay tile in one direction. Turn the tile and roll again. Inlay thin cardboard as "resist." Using a roped dowel, roll over your design to create an interesting 3-D decoration. You can stamp into and over a roped texture, too. Beautiful!"

Rope Roller measures 0.75" in diameter x 5" in length.