SSX Motor Upgrade, Skutt Wheel
$ 152.00 New Available online

SSX Motor Upgrade, Skutt Wheel

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Item #: SSXM

This drive provides incredible sensitivity for the foot pedal at very low speeds. If you are throwing wide, thin-walled forms, or if you just prefer to throw at slower you may want to consider upgrading to the SSX controller. In addition to increased foot pedal sensitivity, this premiere driver runs smoother and quieter, so if you plan on installing your wheel into your home studio you may also want to consider this upgrade.

The Skutt SSX drive is available as an upgrade for all Skutt wheels, aside from the Prodigy and Kick Wheel. While this can be added on after purchase, it’s much easier and less expensive to do so as a factory add-on -- so if this drive sounds like a great addition to your wheel set-up, we recommend adding it on at the time of your new wheel purchase.