Amaco #20, Versa Clay 50lb
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Amaco #20, Versa Clay 50lb


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The Amaco Versa Clay is an extremely versatile low fire clay with many uses for children in the classroom and fires bright white. The clay in moist form is dark grey. Superior plasticity allows Versa Clay to be used for all types of hand building and wheel throwing.

AP (Approved Product) for seal in moist formula.

Wide firing range of Cone 04 to 02
Bisque is bright white at Cone 05 and cream at Cone 02.

Decorate with any AMACO® low-fire glazes and decorating colors.

Shrinkage: Cone 04, 6.4%; Cone 02, 6.1%.
Absorption: Cone 04, 14.6%; Cone 02, 13.6%

Please note 25 lb increment does not apply for Amaco - order by 50 lb box only. All Amaco Clay bodies are available for purchase, however we do not stock the water based Amaco Clays. All online clay orders will ship direct from the manufacturer. We do accept school purchase orders and would love to have the opportunity to bid on your school's supply list.