Spodumene, Australian
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Spodumene, Australian


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Our spodumene, sourced in Australia and chemical-grade, can be considered a lithium feldspar. For a potter, that means that this material is a source of lithium in both claybodies and glazes. Lithium, in turn, serves two main purposes in ceramics: it is a very powerful flux, and it also improves the thermal properties of a claybody. Spodumene differs from our lithium carbonate in chemical makeup, however; spodumene contains a natural combination of silica, alumina, and lithium, which means that it melts a bit more readily than lithium carbonate on its own.

In glazes, spodumene can lend itself to the development of copper-blue toned glazes and promote a matte surface -- this, in spite of being a strong flux, which is precisely what so many potters find appealing about the material.

In clay bodies, some potters use spodumene as a replacement for feldspar (though it technically IS a feldspar). This additive reduces the vitrification temperature required for a body to mature, and also cuts down on shrinkage.

Full bag is 50lbs