Bullseye Bat SECONDS 12
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Bullseye Bat SECONDS 12


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12" Bullseye Bat Second

Seconds: these Bullseye Bats have cosmetic errors that do not affect the function, but just aren't up to production standards. The bullseye engraving might be nonconcentric, too wide, too shallow/deep, or may have some "melted" appearance on the edges due to reweldment during the cutting process.

The New Bullseye Bat made by the Ceramic Shop makes throwing even easier. Concentric rings are lightly etched into the surface aiding in the centering process. The bat comes with 10" holes on center allowing you to use it on all your favorite wheel brands. Available in 12" and 14". The bullseye rings will also make trimming a snap, giving you a clear guide where to center your form.

One side has a subtle texture and one side is smooth.

Thickness is .25"