Viking-28 208V 1P 12K
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Viking-28 208V 1P 12K

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Paragon's powerful, large Viking-28 is designed for extra heavy-duty cone 10 firing. This 12-sided kiln easily reaches stoneware temperatures with reliable, even performance. If you are a production potter or artist who needs to have a dependable kiln that you can rely on when busy season comes around, this could be the kiln for you.

The Viking-28 is fully digital. This kiln comes standard with Sentry's easy-to-use 12-key controller. The sealed touch-pad keeps out dust and can be wiped clean; it's also easy to program in ramp-hold or cone-fire mode, or you can use one of the controller's pre-set programs. You can also easily write and store your own multi-part programs - the Sentry 12-key can store up to six user programs, too, making it a nice option for a kiln that may be in a shared space. The Viking-28 also comes equipped with power to spare - extra wattage helps to compensate for aging elements or low voltage. The kiln has ample power to reach cone 10 and, if needed, to fire rapidly. In addition to extra wattage, this kiln comes standard with 3" kiln brick, which keeps the kiln more insulated and helps to save on electricity costs.

The Viking-28 is built in sections, so repairing brick, changing elements, or moving the kiln through narrow doorways is easy. The kiln's top row of bricks is 2" high and does not contain element grooves, which makes it much less susceptible to damage during loading. This extra row also adds an extra 2" pf depth to your kiln. The sidewalls, bottom, and lid are constructed of deluxe 3" thick firebrick, which increases your kiln's energy efficiency. The kiln's heat distribution is incredibly even, for consistent firing results; hotter elements are placed at the top and bottom of the firing chamber, where extra heat is needed.

The Viking-28 features heavy-duty construction throughout; long-lasting, thick elements are set in dropped and recessed element grooves, which eliminate the need for element pins. Copper wiring is covered with glass-braided insulation. The base is completed covered with galvanized steel. The hearty, energy-efficient lid is nonetheless easy to lift by yourself, thanks to Paragon's patented LiteLid spring counterbalance, which comes standard with this model.

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Max Firing Temp: (2350F)
Inside Dimensions (inches): 28.00 Diameter x 29.00 Deep
Cubic Feet: 10.57
Voltage: 208
Phase: 1
Amps: 69
Watts: 14400
Shipping Weight: 498 lbs