TnF-24 208V 1P 12K
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TnF-24 208V 1P 12K

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The Paragon TnF-24 is a real “work horse.” You will be glad you own a TnF when you are backlogged during those busy seasons, be it Christmas or the end of a school year. TnF-24 is a 10-sided kiln and features sectional construction. The TnF has 2.5” brick walls and a 3” brick bottom. We recommend it for firing low-fire ware, not porcelain or stoneware. The top 2” brick is solid making it harder to damage while loading and unloading the kiln.

Every Paragon Kiln offers multiple options, making each kiln unique to the customers preferences, from hand held digital control pyrometers to glass windows, bead doors, and safety features, we can customize this kiln for you. If you don't see the option you are looking for please give us a call. We love to talk kilns.

Options for customization
First select your voltage and phasing for your kiln's space. You will want to check with your electrician if you aren't sure. You may also want to consider improving the temperature uniformity in your kiln by adding the 3-zone control type-K thermocouple. You can also upgrade to mercury relays which outlast the standard mechanical relays and are available as an option on new kilns. The mercury relay is quiet and reliable. The life of a mercury relay has been measured in millions of on/off cycles. Order your new kiln with the mercury relay upgrade, which is a single TF-15 mercury relay.

This kiln qualifies for an upgrade from the Sentry 12-key controller to the new Sentinel touch-screen controller. You can add that upgrade here.

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